Why write?

It’s probably the first question you need to ask yourself. Or in this case, I am asking myself. Why do I write? Why do I feel the need to? Why does it seem to be the only thing that helps sometimes?

Anyone creatively inclined will have their thing… the thing they cannot live without. Have to pursue. Must do. Music, painting, drawing, sculpting, knitting, baking… make something… out of words, sounds, paint, clay or whatever materials are at hand.

The question should obviously be: why make art? Why follow any creative pursuit?

I use words. Always have. I have loved the written word… stories, really… since I first heard them and later learned to read them. And it wasn’t a big step to start making stories up myself and eventually to write them down. I’ve always had an overactive imagination. I’m an introvert. Most things happen inside of me before they are expressed outwardly if I let them out at all.

The answer is: just because…

There is no better answer. It’s part of human nature to create. To make things. We’re also incredibly adept at destroying things. But we do get to make things and have done since the dawn of time. It’s one way for us to express ourselves. And a way to ask questions, perhaps to attempt answers.

If there’s something you cannot live without, it’s worth keeping. That is true whether you create something, pursue any kind of sports or love someone.

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it professionally or simply as a hobby. If you must write, then write. If you must run, then run. If you love someone, see if you can keep them around.

It’s what makes life worth living. It’s what makes life matter.

That’s the only answer I have. For me, it’s good enough.

Originally published on the 19th July 2018.