Going back to find yourself

I’ve been rereading some of my old blog entries. It’s been delightful, enlightening and, occasionally, embarrassing. But that is all part of the journey.

Some of my opinions, ideas and thoughts have not changed at all. Others I have discarded. And yet others matured. I recognise myself and where I was when I wrote these blog entries. Sometimes there was a lot more foresight than I feel comfortable with now.

Some things I already knew. And still, the knowledge didn’t prevent the pain of true discovery that was to follow.

Other things I was rather naive about. Or perhaps, hopeful. Hoping despite my better judgement and eventually, paying the price for it.

Rereading some of these blog entries feels a bit like meeting my younger self. I’ve been running my original blog for many years, though I haven’t written anything there in a long time.

Still, whilst I do plan on deleting the other blogs after I’ve moved some of their content over here, the original one I will keep. I may never return there to write anything new. But I may return to read what I wrote so many years ago. We should keep in touch with our younger selves on occasion.

It reminds us of who we were and how we got where we are.

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