Am I lazy?

Yes, one could argue that I am. But only when it doesn’t matter. As in, I can just kick back, relax and do nothing. Or do irrelevant, distracting things. Like browse social media.

Also, I am extremely good at procrastinating. Postponing tasks that need to be done in favour of less important things. Those also need to be done, it’s just not that urgent. The good thing is, doing less important stuff still makes me feel somewhat productive and I feel less guilty for not doing what is more important.

Whether I consider myself lazy or not does depend on how I measure myself in terms of productivity, though. Being productive is not my main purpose in life.

I have totally unproductive days when I am unwell for some reason. I don’t do my freelance work (which is usually not super urgent), won’t do laundry, won’t cook or tidy very much, and only go for a shower because it absolutely makes me feel better.

I also have simply lazy days, when the laundry can indeed wait another day and I much rather read a book or watch a TV show or sit and listen to music or go for a walk or bike ride.

But is taking time for relaxation really being lazy?

Only if you measure yourself according to your productivity. Which fails to take into consideration that we need those self-care days and time to unwind and do nothing. It is okay to be unproductive.

I am not lazy when it comes to the things that matter to me and the work that I cherish. Sometimes I have to write a freelance article that bores me to tears. It may take me a while to get it written, but I will put as much effort into it as I would for an article, I am invested in.

Similarly, nobody would ever accuse me of being lazy in my second job, where I am a team lead, and usually the one putting out all the little fires and helping everyone with everything. And not only do I not mind, but I also actually enjoy it.

And during normal times when there is no global pandemic forcing event and concert venues to remain closed, putting me on furlough, I do a lot of overtime as well. We’re talking about a job here I do because I truly enjoy it, not because I need the money it pays.

So, am I really lazy?

I think not. Never when it matters.

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